Sunday, August 29, 2010

[SOLVED] OALD7 installation on Ubuntu 10.04!

:D Well.. . as crazy as if sounds .. . I finally managed to Break the Code! :P

IF you-don't-follow-my-blogs OR you-don't-remember-stuff THEN
URL.refer (

// Yeah Some PL/SQL *HIT I'm into these days.  Sucks?

Anyway! Coming to the point. I looked for answers like almost everywhere and couldn't really find even one...! Finally I went deep and mined some stuff, similar issues that the gamers were facing. Hail Loki.

#1 (regular usage)

$ ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing ..........................
This installation doesn't support glibc-2.1 on Linux / x86_64

#2 (using x86 emulation)
$ linux32 ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing ..........................
/home/nikunj/.setup5913: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Couldn't load 'atal'
The setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.1

Both the times it said:
Please contact Loki Technical Support at
The program returned an error code (1).

Anyway. 'linux32' should've ideally worked but .. . . there was more.


#1. To run 32-bit apps on 64-bit Linux, you first need to install these prerequisite packages:
$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs ia32-libs-gtk ia32-libs-sdl dpkg-dev

#2. Then I downloaded the i386 package from the Ubuntu site.

#3. Deflate (Unzip/Un... hmm... Deb?) the libgtk1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb (right-click and extract) and then go inside the folder hence created. Deflate data.tar.gz and go inside ./usr,
$ cd libgtk1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386/usr/lib (in short)

#4. Now we need to copy the files (lib? Modules?) to the location where OALD7 desires to find it!
$ sudo cp -v -i * /usr/lib32

#5. Try installation now. [ERROR. still?]
(Even after that another library was required)

$ linux32 ./ 

Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing ..........................
/home/nikunj/.setup6372: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Couldn't load 'atal'
The setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.1

#6. Then I downloaded two i386 packages for the Ubuntu site.

Follow the same procedure (#3-5) for libglib1.2ldbl_1.2.10-19build1_i386.deb

:D and voilĂ  .. . :P this is what you get! Don't kill me :P

Looks Kinda...  hmm....Nude!!

I don't know why but just couldn't see any TEXT :-| I closed my eyes, trusted my senses and from the last time I installed it without this 'Chick Chick'. Pushing the third Check-Box would save all the Sounds etc and makes it offline! :) DO THAT.

Finally :D ..... Legen --- wait for it ---- Dary!!!


Installation of OALD8 is easy! :P Quick.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yearbook09 is "kinda" online!

:D Guess what has been made available online! :P
The yearbook09!!



Cheers!! and do leave comments! :P

Update: Yearbook09 is a book we informally (not with the college's support)... created (designed)... advertised... published.. for our final year engineering students in 2009 (as a memoir of all our college life). Of course it would not have been possible without the contribution of the batchmates... we took a nominal fee (rest came from the efforts of the marketing team) and provided them with the published book.
300 copies were published in a batch of 450 students. Trust Me that's a lot. :P
The book contains:
  1. Contact info of each and every student (section-wise)
  2. Profiles (saving their current state of mind.. as "accomplishments, future-plans, I'll always remember.. and general comments") written by them [this is going to be fun some years down the line]
  3. KNOL-Poll (We had the final year comment about various things relevant to us and give votes for various titles like "Mr Handsome" and "Miss Attitude")
  4. GroupPages (for sharing the fondest memories of your friend-circle with the world)
  5. Articles/ Poems to keep the spark and the theme alive!
  6. Chronology (all the eventful events happened during our stay)
  7. College ka Map with legend :P
  8. Buddy Pages
  9. Societies/Clubs etc
  10. Class Awards.
To look at the individual pages (preview) please visit the Picasa Album.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earlier Today...

Viewers Discretion is advised.
[Content Below can Bore you to DEATH!]

well well... :P
I tried a lot to search for a certain someone called bai...!! :( but none of the bais thought it'd be safe enough!! :-/ [No Shiney Mentions here please.. I'll get touchy]

[We are 4 guys in a 3BHK! :P Brand New!! If you care i can totally flaunt more! hehe]
On second thought.... Do we look this ugly :( !!
Anyway... I thought instead of waiting for this "Inta paisa mein inta-etch milega" types Bai... (you know by now.. everyone in the neighborhood knows we need one :O ... so do the security guys...) I put the wiper and Domex (Jo mujhe Virasat mein Bhaiya/Bhabhi se mila hai) to good use.

[Glad you asked...!]
The mission involved motivation and initiation (and a hell lot of VELLA-giri) and how can I forget the wiper [due regards]!! It all started this afternoon... when Batra was just leaving.. and I was getting exhausted from excessive monitor staring (24 Season4).. MehraJi was relaxing in his Jeans and Anup tinkering with the Rubik's Cube..! I hit the space bar... Came out to grab some water and looked at the floor.. I paused for a while.. when I realized that I could take it no longer. Absurd epiphany and "Leadership by Example" suddenly became very relevant [thankyou Infosys for the word!] and so I began moping the floor...! :P under the Guidance of Mehraji.. I secured the Kitchen...! and soon Anup joined and they took over. Please zoom in AND observe the reflection on the floor!

There was something else going on.... and to know that... here is the background story!!

Well the story dates back to the month of March (2010)... when Bhaiya/Bhabhi were here in Pune (India)... and I had moved in with them in their furnished apartment...! Things were going fine.. even better [think y!].. until one day... [what was i thinking!!?] I asked them to come upstairs and take a look around! "Heinous crime" as I call it. :-/ Since then "Ms Bai" mentions exponentially increased... "I needed one" they said..! "You mean the apartment needs one right??"!
To add to it.. a cousin of mine also joined their side and I was left alone with my Laptop [which is often addressed as my "Wife"]..!
In another exciting turn of events, Mom and Dad scheduled their Pune visit in the month of April (an attempt to have a small family reunion.. which was real FUN btw!). And so it occurred to them to see how is their younger kid was doing [that'd be me]... even though Bhabhi didn't spill the beans [we respect secrets! :D haha.. eachothers']! :| They would have seriously killed me agar woh pahunch gaye hote mere room tak! :P :| so I tried to dodge, change the topic.. false excuses.. everything I could... :P and this one time I even offered them the key to my place.. just to see how determined they were!! :D yielded and yay! .. I came out clean. Hope they'll just see the pictures which I'll "email" them!! [OH! wait.. what if they follow me too!! :O D-Day!]

Do check the images!! :P and please ignore the obscenity! :P

Well people often ask me (considering the popularity and the number of comments on each post) this question.. that who do I blog for.. :P the Future-Nikunj, I say!

Update (25/04/2010):
I finally cleaned my room(as well)!

Update: 20100501
:-( I've moved to the Hall... !! Sad... yet.. Its fun as well! :P Check it out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

[The KNOL] What if it wasn't called CRAP?

So on one of my other blogs.. I was telling.. what were the names which initially clicked...!
:D KNOL is the (free online monthly in-house) magazine of my college.
Blog link at the bottom....!!!!

my thot pool
free for all
my space
my bulletin
e Creation
e Parika
e Rachna
my world
write all read all
channel W

Well that's what we thought before we could narrow down it to "CRAP" and later "THE KNOL"!
:D When I say "WE".... I mean.. Isha & Me!! Back in our Third Year....!!!!
and this list has some valid additions from Swati Dutt :P [I think!]

Ask why NOW!!!
Ah!!! Was going thru my documents... Those were the times of OpenSUSE10.3. :P
Thought its worth sharing and keeping here as a good memory!

Regards, [hehe]
Nikunj Lahoti,
System Engineer,
Infosys Technologies Limited [ting]

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wardriving: Why don't they educate properly??


Well.... if you want it quick.. picture this.... I was generally sitting in a friend's apartment and when I chose to connect to any available network [don't get intimidated by the UI: its Ubuntu 9.10]..  It successfully gave me the IP via DHCP and I could open pages... surf web. All Good right? ... not my fault if someone is not using a LOCK in his HOUSE (but doesn't mean that give me liberty to go Steal). I could've acted like a parasite on that connection (eating all their bandwidth) without this poor guy even knowing what's wrong... but what if someone sends a Hate-Mail to the President using your access-point (without you even knowing!! Think: You got arrested for "nothing". Such a Shame!!) or trigger some terrorist activity?
As my brother says... "It-cannot-happen-to-me" attitude is an ego-booster but ignorance is not always beautiful. It actually has happened in India... //TODO quote

So, why go thru all that trouble? There are several measure you can take, choose one and be sure you stay out of it, avoiding anything like that from happening to you. For instance:
  • You can restrict the Mac-Addresses which can connect to the connection
  • Otherwise you can have a secured connection, have a password to connect to the accesspoint, without which no machine can't get connected.
Consider this post just FYI. The Term is called Wardriving. [makes sense though]

PS: My other posts below tell us how to ensure your accesspoint is secured connection.
PPS: Why don't they educate properly?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The College Bhraman!

Hehe..! I didn't get anything for anyone! :P well they deserved!! True Story!
Will probably.. surprise them.. the next time I meet :D [yeah!! no one read my blogs anyway!]

I came back.. last week and started working... :) Its fun at Office...! With mails like "Burger Party at my Cubicle @ 3:30!!"... "Sweets at my Desk!"... :P I also took Pedas... and Ganga Jal.. when I got back after a long vacation!


(Udit, Anshul, Niharika, Mani, Ritika and Mukul.. and TheRedEyed Me! Back in the old cafe!)

PS: Vaibhav.. Bulbul and Mishi! :| I totally forgot to call you out...!!! Knol developments and Yearbook thing... ate all my time! :D But I had fun!!
PPS: After spending 4 years at my lovely-wified college...! Broadband feels like HEAVEN!!
PPPS: 23rd Feb, '10

Friday, February 26, 2010

[FIXED] Multiple Terminals: Simultaneous Broadband Access

So I was trying to connect my Laptop and Desktop simultaneously to the Internet (Vuze was feeling left out on my machine), but the PPPoE won't let you authenticate (with same or different credentials) for other systems, when once connected to a system. It tells me that "the phone line is busy".

For the utter vellaness of my life... I studied the router manual but heck couldn't find the "next" button (.. :( See PDF) for the first two days [I thought probably my router was a different make and so couldn't follow the advanced settings instructions]. Finally I got the right manual (see PDF again) and got this sudden brain-wave to click on 'next' sheepishly (Mahn! they should tell us on the first page that there are going to be a total of 'n' pages for the complete configuration! X( ..... Sucks!!)

OK. So I kept tinkering, it wasn't a big deal anyway! :P Ah! My Week full of Sundays is about to get over... :( Does that mean.. no more Blogging?? :(

Well what I did was kinda simple... I just logged on the router setup as 'Admin' [opened easy!!] and changed configurations. Reboot the router and wait for it to stabilize.

The Network is now password protected and no need for any PPPoE client :P anymore [it has been set to the PPPoE mode from Bridged Mode], it automatically connects.
[Heyy!! Does this mean that the post below has gone to a waste?? :O ... well Lets just call it a lesson learned.. (wink)]

I read the stuff and found out that this mode separates the Network and our systems providing an internal Firewall (and that's why its the recommended setting). You should totally do that.

Well find below the link using which you can very easily avoid war-driving issues... and get rid of the PPPoE mess...!! Save Time. Awesome!! now I can seamlessly connect to Internet thru my mobile device as well. Life looks good again.