Saturday, November 28, 2009

THE KNOL-EDGE survived

Now!! You can See TheKNOL online as well! (thanks to Google Docs!)

Google Defines KNOL as: (source:

Knol - a unit of knowledge: share what you know, publish your expertise.

(So if you have Knowledge You have an Edge: I hope the Subject line makes more sense now)

Ya, we liked the name and you already know.. how big Plagiarists we all are (and so here goes the story)…

KNOL is a monthly (apparently not.. but we like calling it that).. onlineinformalfree… (and of course awesome) eMagazine (Zine) of our (engineering college) College of Engineering, Roorkee! COER (!

Powered by :D us… and Driven by a subset! <think it over>

We all took this delicious initiative (when we were in our Engineering 4th year… and were SuperVella) to bring together an informal platform for people to interact and with a added little jazz to it :-) <think: Designing>

So we are not at the college anymore.. but still remembering those days always bring smiles to our faces. What follows is a Full Tour (A Walkthrough) of the Mag (from the notices to the actual manifestation). Hope you’d like its Appeal Etc and observe it evolve! Do post back comments(and/or your KNOL**) to me / (CC) ! J It’ll keep this thing Going. So Sit back and relax… but if you can’t.. just come back at a later time.

You can view the complete editions online only or if you may want to download them as PDF… :-) Do that!





(Big: Clear Images)

My Juniors in college are still working.. on it you see! :-)
They are now also working on Yearbook’10 (just like we created Yearbook’09 for us) for the current 4th year batch!


This was the first ever notice that told people about KNOL.
The Second Notice.. more illustrative! :P yet confusing… :-)
And the magazine came…! The first ever issue :-)
This is for the Third Issue. My Juniors worked on it.

** Dear Alumnus, you are invited (to be part of the next edition.. and) to share with the world.. the knowledge you possess… YOUR thoughts… be it anything or nothing. :-) Do attach a recent picture of yours along… and of course we’d be glad to know :-) what you’ve been upto.

PS: Feel Free to Forward it to anyone who knows you… the college… or just probably.. to flaunt (like I did).

Nikunj Lahoti
System Engineer
Infosys Technologies Limited

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