Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well… TLS is a document that is being created :-) and people are collaborating to that!
Good thing! :-)
This document once created should be given a Hard-Bound attribute and should be given back to the collaborators for cherishing it throughout their life :-)
We should totally do things like these all our lives. It's so much fun. Reading it some years down the line.. will be rewarding…Truly.

Btw: we are just left with partially 09! :-) Rest all Documented.
Have a lot of fun folks.

PS: I'm going to start reading TWILIGHT soon! :-) <I've a very bad reputation when it comes to completing a book>.
Wish me Luck!

1 comment:

vandana said...

All the best...for both your 'endeavours' :P
TLS...kya hai?! ;) :P
But yaar...its a good thing...that we did.
Twilight is an undertaking that'd take time. :D [I know that now!] :P