Sunday, January 03, 2010

So Pune it is...!

Watch out :)
Many of my college friends got Pune while others got Bangalore.. Hyderabad and Chandigarh. The postings came just minutes before the big [not really] Compre(-hensive examination).
People started calling me in certain scared tone... from the examination hall (you know... I have a reputation to study till the last possible minute) know their posted location. For Some it was good news.. for others it was this constant struggle.. trying hard to concentrate on clearing the 65% bracket.. and context switch
to think about all possible options to change to their DC (by swap).. traversing thru all the faces they've ever seen in the campus!
Thank God I didn't have to do that. Pune had been my top preference for ages together... :D

So after the Final Final exam (in which btw I got a big A [Such a Raja Munna I am. Hehe. I managed to get 4.99 CGPA over all]) everyone was kinda poker-faced because of their own issues or they wanted to be with all these top favorite friends who got different DCs.
Finally.. the date of release came: 18-Dec-2009... and we got on board... :P

Mysore mein everyone was fresh out of college. It was probably the best hostel life.. college life I ever had. Anyway.. my college life has finally come to an end. Just like all the other good things. Chalta hai....! New Life... huh!?
Lets see what does Pune has to add to my journey.. ;) ... to
[destination is still unknown. LOL]

Update: I've taken a 3BHK with friends.. (of course on rent..) and currently furnishing it :D
and going office regularly... :P

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