Saturday, January 23, 2010


Arre... Pulchritude is the term!!

Ubuntu9.10 totally supports each and everything on my Acer Aspire 5738.
And performance is Legendary so don't "wait for it" and get it installed in your machine as well.

Everything has become so simple now. I started working on Unix(and derivatives) in 2005 when I got into college. There was no MP3 support... Geekish installation... problems like no USB support... (want to freeze your system??... Just plug in the USB drive!!)... and other issues. Now, they are accompanied by OS-installers which are more user-friendly than the software-installers in Windows itself... and you can even install it as a software inside windows! :) Cool Right?

Ubuntu has always been the number one... and will be. Its debian based distribution. Even with the display effects etc.. it works like the most stable thing I've ever seen.
The package manager gives you each and everything you'd need to add frills to your desktop! java is not there but gcc is! It rocks... is what the blog says anyway.
I'm working inside that only. :-)

The CD comes bundled with almost everything you'll ever need... for Office.. Multimedia or Internet... maybe routine maintenance...!

Think about the Grandpa Windows XP: its some 570MB and can never be of any use if not accompanied by a driver disc or utility softwares. So, why use something pirated when you have something better (serious understatement) for Free!!?

Think about it...! Will edit this post to be a better read.. soon! Ciao


saba said...

hey sir...hw r u? nice bolg :) it took me 2 hrs to read n finally understand!! :P... \m/ i survived it!!! so hwz life??

Mr Digerati said...

:P LOL!!
Well thanks a lot!!
Me is good as ever..!! Glad you finally read & survived :P Even after writing such blogs I survive!! :) good thing right!! So.. you r a junior!! :P Who exactly :P :P I don't know ya/assign a known face to Saba!! :O