Sunday, February 14, 2010

Virtual Box in Action

So Currently I'm running:

> Google Chromium
> OpenSolaris amd64
> WindowsXP SP3 activated (not 64bit though)

Alright. Many thanks to Chip Mag for providing the Chromium VMDK for the Developer Build [20 Nov its saying].... I could actually try that. Nothing's new on the outside.. plain old Chrome Browser.. and buggy(on network connections etc) on the inside... but its meant to be fast, light and apt for users browsing internet. On the Virtual Machine it boots up real quick. Good thing. Will post back on Chromium soon.

Please notice in the images that there is the VirtualBox status bar at the bottom.

The Light UI (see the menu options). You need to login thru your Gmail ID/Password.

in Action:

And our dear Grand-Pa :) 2001-2007.
Windows XP

(All Lies :P) -- JK. I recently downgraded from Windows7.

PS: A VirtualMachine lets you install the whole OS [as you can boot iso images and cds] and you can simply click and delete at whim. Clean Separation. No Conflicts or side-effects. No changes to actual partitions etc. Migration of the virtual disk is simple [just like I've used Chrominum]. Take snapshots of the system and rollback. It won't crash/freeze your host system :P... Go BETA testing!

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