Friday, February 26, 2010

[FIXED] Multiple Terminals: Simultaneous Broadband Access

So I was trying to connect my Laptop and Desktop simultaneously to the Internet (Vuze was feeling left out on my machine), but the PPPoE won't let you authenticate (with same or different credentials) for other systems, when once connected to a system. It tells me that "the phone line is busy".

For the utter vellaness of my life... I studied the router manual but heck couldn't find the "next" button (.. :( See PDF) for the first two days [I thought probably my router was a different make and so couldn't follow the advanced settings instructions]. Finally I got the right manual (see PDF again) and got this sudden brain-wave to click on 'next' sheepishly (Mahn! they should tell us on the first page that there are going to be a total of 'n' pages for the complete configuration! X( ..... Sucks!!)

OK. So I kept tinkering, it wasn't a big deal anyway! :P Ah! My Week full of Sundays is about to get over... :( Does that mean.. no more Blogging?? :(

Well what I did was kinda simple... I just logged on the router setup as 'Admin' [opened easy!!] and changed configurations. Reboot the router and wait for it to stabilize.

The Network is now password protected and no need for any PPPoE client :P anymore [it has been set to the PPPoE mode from Bridged Mode], it automatically connects.
[Heyy!! Does this mean that the post below has gone to a waste?? :O ... well Lets just call it a lesson learned.. (wink)]

I read the stuff and found out that this mode separates the Network and our systems providing an internal Firewall (and that's why its the recommended setting). You should totally do that.

Well find below the link using which you can very easily avoid war-driving issues... and get rid of the PPPoE mess...!! Save Time. Awesome!! now I can seamlessly connect to Internet thru my mobile device as well. Life looks good again.


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vandana said...

You know...i did all this when i first configured by router..!!
It took me a couple hours to figure it all out...sat and tinkered with the laptop...etc!!

Changed and set passwords..and know i dont remember what was the new password i set for logging into the admin page...!! <>
Anyhoo, just coz i set my iPhone and laptop to automatically connect to my network when the router is soon as i reconfigured my network...
I now cant open the mentioned!! :(
Knowing me, i should totally have saved that password somewhere...coz its been over an year, and i cant for the life of me remember what the credentials are! :D

Probably it's time i open the router manual..and take a looksie! :D

LOL...what am i typing..and why am i typing it...!! :| :D
It's like you should be an agony-tech-aunt!! ;))

Any suggestions on what i can do! :P :D