Saturday, March 06, 2010

The College Bhraman!

Hehe..! I didn't get anything for anyone! :P well they deserved!! True Story!
Will probably.. surprise them.. the next time I meet :D [yeah!! no one read my blogs anyway!]

I came back.. last week and started working... :) Its fun at Office...! With mails like "Burger Party at my Cubicle @ 3:30!!"... "Sweets at my Desk!"... :P I also took Pedas... and Ganga Jal.. when I got back after a long vacation!


(Udit, Anshul, Niharika, Mani, Ritika and Mukul.. and TheRedEyed Me! Back in the old cafe!)

PS: Vaibhav.. Bulbul and Mishi! :| I totally forgot to call you out...!!! Knol developments and Yearbook thing... ate all my time! :D But I had fun!!
PPS: After spending 4 years at my lovely-wified college...! Broadband feels like HEAVEN!!
PPPS: 23rd Feb, '10

1 comment:

Mani Sharma said...

... well!!!.. we ate ur tym!!
thanks 4 letting us knw.. :P
Bt undoubtedly, v had a grt tym!!

Do gt smthing 4 us nxt tym, ab to naukari wale ho sharam ni aye khali haath aate ve...

nd thanks 4 giving space to such tucchh creatures on ur blog.. :D