Sunday, March 21, 2010

[The KNOL] What if it wasn't called CRAP?

So on one of my other blogs.. I was telling.. what were the names which initially clicked...!
:D KNOL is the (free online monthly in-house) magazine of my college.
Blog link at the bottom....!!!!

my thot pool
free for all
my space
my bulletin
e Creation
e Parika
e Rachna
my world
write all read all
channel W

Well that's what we thought before we could narrow down it to "CRAP" and later "THE KNOL"!
:D When I say "WE".... I mean.. Isha & Me!! Back in our Third Year....!!!!
and this list has some valid additions from Swati Dutt :P [I think!]

Ask why NOW!!!
Ah!!! Was going thru my documents... Those were the times of OpenSUSE10.3. :P
Thought its worth sharing and keeping here as a good memory!

Regards, [hehe]
Nikunj Lahoti,
System Engineer,
Infosys Technologies Limited [ting]

1 comment:

Vandana said...

Ah! All quite good...but nothing can beat CRAP! ;) :P
I still think being CRAPpy would have been a better option..than KNOL...but koi nahi..!! :P

P.S: Not to burst ur bubble...but we're still Systems Engineer TRAINEE :( :(
Check sparsh!! :O