Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earlier Today...

Viewers Discretion is advised.
[Content Below can Bore you to DEATH!]

well well... :P
I tried a lot to search for a certain someone called bai...!! :( but none of the bais thought it'd be safe enough!! :-/ [No Shiney Mentions here please.. I'll get touchy]

[We are 4 guys in a 3BHK! :P Brand New!! If you care i can totally flaunt more! hehe]
On second thought.... Do we look this ugly :( !!
Anyway... I thought instead of waiting for this "Inta paisa mein inta-etch milega" types Bai... (you know by now.. everyone in the neighborhood knows we need one :O ... so do the security guys...) I put the wiper and Domex (Jo mujhe Virasat mein Bhaiya/Bhabhi se mila hai) to good use.

[Glad you asked...!]
The mission involved motivation and initiation (and a hell lot of VELLA-giri) and how can I forget the wiper [due regards]!! It all started this afternoon... when Batra was just leaving.. and I was getting exhausted from excessive monitor staring (24 Season4).. MehraJi was relaxing in his Jeans and Anup tinkering with the Rubik's Cube..! I hit the space bar... Came out to grab some water and looked at the floor.. I paused for a while.. when I realized that I could take it no longer. Absurd epiphany and "Leadership by Example" suddenly became very relevant [thankyou Infosys for the word!] and so I began moping the floor...! :P under the Guidance of Mehraji.. I secured the Kitchen...! and soon Anup joined and they took over. Please zoom in AND observe the reflection on the floor!

There was something else going on.... and to know that... here is the background story!!

Well the story dates back to the month of March (2010)... when Bhaiya/Bhabhi were here in Pune (India)... and I had moved in with them in their furnished apartment...! Things were going fine.. even better [think y!].. until one day... [what was i thinking!!?] I asked them to come upstairs and take a look around! "Heinous crime" as I call it. :-/ Since then "Ms Bai" mentions exponentially increased... "I needed one" they said..! "You mean the apartment needs one right??"!
To add to it.. a cousin of mine also joined their side and I was left alone with my Laptop [which is often addressed as my "Wife"]..!
In another exciting turn of events, Mom and Dad scheduled their Pune visit in the month of April (an attempt to have a small family reunion.. which was real FUN btw!). And so it occurred to them to see how is their younger kid was doing [that'd be me]... even though Bhabhi didn't spill the beans [we respect secrets! :D haha.. eachothers']! :| They would have seriously killed me agar woh pahunch gaye hote mere room tak! :P :| so I tried to dodge, change the topic.. false excuses.. everything I could... :P and this one time I even offered them the key to my place.. just to see how determined they were!! :D yielded and yay! .. I came out clean. Hope they'll just see the pictures which I'll "email" them!! [OH! wait.. what if they follow me too!! :O D-Day!]

Do check the images!! :P and please ignore the obscenity! :P

Well people often ask me (considering the popularity and the number of comments on each post) this question.. that who do I blog for.. :P the Future-Nikunj, I say!

Update (25/04/2010):
I finally cleaned my room(as well)!

Update: 20100501
:-( I've moved to the Hall... !! Sad... yet.. Its fun as well! :P Check it out.


Komal said...

Hey!!Good work dude!
I mean the blog thingy...not
d 'near abt transformation into a bai' one...LOL!JK!
The pics r really impressive..n they'l surely leave ppl gobsmacked!:P
btw..glad 2 knw tht u can club words lyk 'excessive-monitor-staring' 2gthr...n they do make sense 2 u ;);)
n Leadership by example..yup..quite relevant here...i'm proud f u! didn't bore me 2 DEATH...rather..didn't bore me at all...
hope d epiphany re-occurs leading to collection f more f such cool stuff..4 d Future-Nikunj!

Vandana said...

Finally...a 'blog on your comment' :P
I think i must say...this blog of yours,i enjoyed the most..!! :D :P

It's the candid writing, and I also appreciate the enormity of the task you guys undertook!!
You can actually see the floor now...moreover, it sparkles!! :O
The place is entirely transformed..!!! :O :O
[ if you would put up pictures of the place before you did this, it would seriously make my point! :D ]

Well well...who would've thought:
You boys make great bais. :D

Job well done, guys!! :)

Vandana said...

I think 'future-nikunj' would be darn proud of 'past-nikunj' :D for this!!! :D :P

vartika said...

Dude u did it urself really commendable :D
now we know who to look for when our 'Bai' would be on leave ;-)
Along with 'leadership by example' ,u shud also go for excellence...
Jokes apart seriously if the pics are of the rooms u cleaned (iffff) then well done dude!!! The job is really done 'NEATLY'.
I hope u didnt make any enemies though in this endeavour (i am talking abt bacteria..s ;-)) Beware dost!!!
Keeping secrets .Do u?
Chalo good hain kabhi kabhi aise kaam bhi karne chahiye ;-)

Udita Lahoti said... the flat is finally clean. May be this is the right time when everyone should have visited your place ;-)

But I still have a question though...why is that you cant find a single Bia....that too in a place like Pune...

Chalo...keep up your Bia hunt...soon you will find a nice Bia...vijayee bhav..

Bhashkar said...

Wow dude... tht work deserves some serious appreciation! N yes, d Leadership Quality DOES show... although, I must add, it works only with ppl who actually give a damn... watch out! Lest u r d only one cleaning up the whole apartment all by yourself... Now Bai ji :P , i guess you don't want dat, do u??

Gud work... n another thing, dis is d first time I'm posting a comment on ANY blog..
U should b proud.. :D