Monday, April 19, 2010

Yearbook09 is "kinda" online!

:D Guess what has been made available online! :P
The yearbook09!!



Cheers!! and do leave comments! :P

Update: Yearbook09 is a book we informally (not with the college's support)... created (designed)... advertised... published.. for our final year engineering students in 2009 (as a memoir of all our college life). Of course it would not have been possible without the contribution of the batchmates... we took a nominal fee (rest came from the efforts of the marketing team) and provided them with the published book.
300 copies were published in a batch of 450 students. Trust Me that's a lot. :P
The book contains:
  1. Contact info of each and every student (section-wise)
  2. Profiles (saving their current state of mind.. as "accomplishments, future-plans, I'll always remember.. and general comments") written by them [this is going to be fun some years down the line]
  3. KNOL-Poll (We had the final year comment about various things relevant to us and give votes for various titles like "Mr Handsome" and "Miss Attitude")
  4. GroupPages (for sharing the fondest memories of your friend-circle with the world)
  5. Articles/ Poems to keep the spark and the theme alive!
  6. Chronology (all the eventful events happened during our stay)
  7. College ka Map with legend :P
  8. Buddy Pages
  9. Societies/Clubs etc
  10. Class Awards.
To look at the individual pages (preview) please visit the Picasa Album.

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