Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wardriving: Why don't they educate properly??


Well.... if you want it quick.. picture this.... I was generally sitting in a friend's apartment and when I chose to connect to any available network [don't get intimidated by the UI: its Ubuntu 9.10]..  It successfully gave me the IP via DHCP and I could open pages... surf web. All Good right? ... not my fault if someone is not using a LOCK in his HOUSE (but doesn't mean that give me liberty to go Steal). I could've acted like a parasite on that connection (eating all their bandwidth) without this poor guy even knowing what's wrong... but what if someone sends a Hate-Mail to the President using your access-point (without you even knowing!! Think: You got arrested for "nothing". Such a Shame!!) or trigger some terrorist activity?
As my brother says... "It-cannot-happen-to-me" attitude is an ego-booster but ignorance is not always beautiful. It actually has happened in India... //TODO quote

So, why go thru all that trouble? There are several measure you can take, choose one and be sure you stay out of it, avoiding anything like that from happening to you. For instance:
  • You can restrict the Mac-Addresses which can connect to the connection
  • Otherwise you can have a secured connection, have a password to connect to the accesspoint, without which no machine can't get connected.
Consider this post just FYI. The Term is called Wardriving. [makes sense though]

PS: My other posts below tell us how to ensure your accesspoint is secured connection.
PPS: Why don't they educate properly?

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vandana said...

Aha!! :D

Someonez interested in Wardriving! ;)

Ask me!! Though probably itz war-sitting-and-looking-for-networks-and-trying-to-see-if-i-can-connect! ;) what i do!! :D :P :D

oooh! And FYI..i dont connect and USE their network to surf..etc! I have my do that..!! :P
But i like seeing...what's out there! :D <>